What is Pinnacle Ski Club?

Pinnacle Ski Club is a social snow sports club that provides ski-in, ski-out accommodation on Whakapapa and year-around accommodation in Ohakune.

The Whakapapa lodge sleeps 30 and has a custodian who cooks breakfasts and dinners.  Bunk rooms sleep either 4 or 6 and there are communal bathrooms for men and women. Other features include a comfortable lounge and deck with stunning views overlooking Mt Ngauruhoe, drying room, ski tuning workshop, wi-fi, and a table tennis table.

The Ohakune lodge sleeps 20, consisting of 5 bunk rooms sleeping 4 people. Each bunk room comes with its own ensuite. While there is no custodian, it comes with a fully equipped kitchen, comfortable lounge and deck.  It also has a table tennis table, drying room, mountain bike racks, wi-fi and BBQ (for summer use).

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Where are the lodges?

The Whakapapa lodge is 2/3 of the way up the Rockgarden so you cannot drive to the door.  Access outside of lift operating hours requires a 20 – 30 min (depending on conditions and fitness) walk up the ski field.

The Ohakune lodge can be found in Turoa Village at the south western end of Ohakune.

Maps of the lodge locations can be viewed here.

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Parking at Whakapapa

There is no need to make a parking booking, ( due to peak season parking restrictions ), if you arrive at Whakapapa after 2pm and park in the allocated club overnight parking. 

There are 400 spaces allocated to clubs, ( not the numbered day parks ) of which most parks are on the downward loop right shown here: Overnight parking

Currently, you must book a park if you are intending to arrive in the weekend during the peak winter season between 7am and 10am

This restriction doesn’t apply to Platinum.

For late night travelers walking up to the lodge, it is advisable to carry a torch or headlamp and have appropriate foot wear for navigating the ice when required. 

If you are walking up onto the mountain please take extreme care around groomers, particularly if you suspect they are operating a winch. A headlamp and high vis is a great way to be seen at night by RAL snowmobile operators and groomers.

Chains should always be carried.

Monitor the Bruce road conditions here: Bruce Road Status , as very occasionally the Bruce road will be closed for safety reasons. Please speak to the booking officer about the possibility of staying at Turoa if road closure is looking likely.

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Using the Rangatira Lift to get access to Pinnacle lodge @ Whakapapa

If the lift has maintenance/lift/patrol clearance they can load club members from 8.45am to 9am and 3.45pm to closing at 4pm  ( Within reason happy to load bags and foot passengers ),  All chairs carrying foot passengers will need to be stopped so this will need to be managed.

·  During normal operating hours RAL require ski/board passengers only with one bag which must be carried by the individual.

·  Should the custodians require stores to be moved (within reason) then RAL will try and accommodate this. Ideally this would occur from 8.45am to 9am. Requests can be made to Sami (swiggins@mtruapehu.com).

·  All guests regardless of times will require passes.

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What are the benefits of being a member?

Members can book and stay at both lodges at members rates. They can also bring non-member guests. Non-members can only stay as a guest of a member and pay a higher nightly rate

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How do I join and how much does it cost?

To join you will need to complete an application form  and send this through to bookings@pinnacleskiclub.co.nz

The cost to join is an annual subscription, which is $280 for an adult and $640 for a family.

There is also a one-off $50 per person debenture that you are entitled to have refunded when your membership ceases. A $100 per person joining fee may also be applicable for those who join after June 30.

Example: for a family of two adults and two children the cost to join would be $640 + 4x $50 debenture or $840 all up. After June 30 the cost would go up to $1240.

Our nightly rates can be found here.

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What do I need to bring?

Sheets or sleeping bag, pillow case, towel, head torch, sturdy footwear for walking in snow, a backpack and backpack liner (Whakapapa). Pillows and duvets are provided.

Fresh fruit, milk, snacks, drinks and food for lunches, as desired.

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How do I make a booking?

Using our online booking system and making a payment online

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Can I bring my young children?

Yes, we are a family friendly club but for health & safety reasons children visiting Whakapapa must be 5 years old or over. There is no age restriction at Ohakune.

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Do you offer a trial weekend for non-members so that I can ‘try before I buy’?

Prospective members can stay for a trial weekend at non-member rates. If you subsequently decide to join you will have the difference paid between the member and non-member nightly rate deducted from your annual subscription

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Do I have to contribute to the running of the lodge during my stay?

Yes. Duties are allocated by the lodge leader via the duty roster. As we are a club, members are expected to pitch in and leave the lodges as they would like to find them.

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Do I have to attend work parties?

While work parties aren’t compulsory, members are strongly encouraged to attend and help keep the buildings in good condition. Attendees receive bunk night credits that can be used during the winter.

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What is your cancellation policy?

  • Cancellations can be made by contacting the booking officer Diana on 02 77 55 44 11 or bookings@pinnacleskiclub.co.nz.
  • Cancellations received before 4pm and more than 48 hours before the first night booked,  will be credited in the form of transferable booking dates, with the exception of school holiday bookings.
  • Cancellations received less than 48 hours before the first night booked will not be refunded, and are non-transferable.
  • School Holiday bookings cannot be refunded unless cancellation is received at least 14 nights prior to the first night booked.

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Ohakune Lodge, “Power On” Procedure

If the lodge has been un-occupied for a while, it is likely the lodge power is switched off. To “Power On” the lodge follow the power-on procedure

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